MISO making workshop


MISO is one of the very traditional and popular foods in Japan.
I am sure you have already seen MISO soup somewhere, as it is probably the most typical Japanese diet along with the steamed rice and a small dish of vegetables or fish.

There is a phrase called "Teshio ni kakeru" in Japan, which means "to directly take care of ."
Minowa Rice Field started out with producing rice by duck-rice farming.
Now that we have our own rice that we have done "teshio ni kakeru,"
we thought that at least we should be able to "teshio ni kakeru" miso as well, in order for ourselves to be responsible for the food which we eat daily and builds our body and health.

MISO is made from soy beans, rice malt, and salt. Very simple.
We will make our own rice malt from our Kamo-mai rice, and the soy beans come from our field, totally chemical-free.
Check out the photos from the workshop in the past below:

TIME&DATE: Saturday, March 7. 10:15AM-3:00 or 4:00PM

PLACE: "Yomogi-Kan" in Sanbu City, CHIBA

MEET: at Matsuo Station (JR Sobu Honsen Line)

Come by the train which arrives at Matsuo station at 10:15.
This is an example of your route, give you are coming from Tokyo station:
スクリーンショット 2015-01-27 12.40.27.png

by CAR:
Also meet at Matsuo station. 
Keiyo highway >> Chibahigashi JCT >> Ken-O express way (ex Chiba-Togane Road) >>
exit at Matsuo-Yokoshiba IC >> turn right (toward Hasunuma direction) >>
turn right at Route126>> turn left at intersection "Matsuoeki iriguchi" (Matsuo Station entrance)

10:15 Meet at station, drive to Yomogi-kan > 11:00 Start working, take lunch break 15:30 End of workshop. Tea time.

BRING: an apron, a cap or a bandanna to cover your hair

LUNCH: will be prepared

adults  ¥2,000
children (primary school and younger) ¥500
Includes your lunch.

MISO PRICE: ¥5,000/5kg (delivery charge not included)
*Please note that each participant will be charged for 5kg minimum of Miso, as the objective of this workshop is to make your own miso for your own use, and not just to experience the procedure. 
*Miso requires approximately half a year for the fermentation process under a certain temperature and humidity condition. It will be kept in our storehouse until it is ready to be delivered to you in late September or early October. 

If you are interested, contact us via e-mail:

Will love to share this great experience with you!!



Minowa Rice Field



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